Swissturn/USA is a different kind of Swiss screw machine job shop
What makes Swissturn different from most CNC Swiss screw machine job shops? It's probably our commitment to change. We're constantly investing in new equipment, rearranging our shop floor, changing our procedures, training our employees, even refining processes for jobs that we've run for 20 years.

Precision small component machining on our CNC Swiss screw machines
In 2009 we finaly disposed of the last of our cam style Swiss screw machines. After a 10 years of upgrading, we have replaced all of our older CNC Swiss screw machines with new Star machines. Every machine has secondary capabilities (slotting, cross-drilling, cross-tapping, back drilling, etc.), eliminating the need to do further machining once any small parts come off of the Swiss. More important, though, is the use of automatic bar loaders. This gives us the capability to operate "lights out." When our employees go home at 5 o'clock, the machines keep running all night and often all weekend.

ISO9001:2008 Registered
In October, 2009 Swissturn completed its transition to the ISO9001:2008 Quality Management Standard. We have been ISO registered since 1998.

Lean component machining

Many of our employees have been trained in lean manufacturing concepts. Our shop floor is constantly being reorganized, streamlined, cleaned, painted, and improved. We've taken a crowded, cluttered, oil-soaked machine shop and turned it into a pleasant efficient work environment. Visitors often compliment us on the cleanliness and organization of our shop. Lean is a never-ending process.

Small parts contract machining from a job shop dedicated to change

Our commitment to change means that we'll respond to your concerns. It's impossible to be perfect in a CNC Swiss screw machine job shop. New jobs create unforeseen problems. What Swissturn does guarantee, though, is that we'll respond to issues and learn from them. If we can't solve a problem, we'll let you know so that we can work together to come up with a solution.

To learn more about who we are and what we do, please explore the rest of this site.

Swissturn/USA: Contract and small component machining from a Swiss screw machine job shop you can depend on.

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